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Fashionable women wanting to dress modestly but remain on a modest budget will be happy to know that doing so is not impossible. That is, finding ways to look cute – but still cover up – without draining your savings account is definitely doable, but takes some know-how. These tips will help you become an expert in looking conservatively chic while staying cheap.

Visit Thrift Stores Frequently

Thrift StoresThrift stores are an excellent place to pick up a wide range of gently used clothing items, all at deep discounts. Women’s sweaters, cute long-sleeve shirts, and dress pants are all easy to spot at a local thrift store. Best of all, though, is if you spend some time looking around, you can find clothes that are virtually brand new at a fraction of the retail price. For thrift store novices, there are a few things you can do to maximize your time shopping.

First of all, figure out when your store brings its new clothing items out onto the floor. Most stores have the same weekly schedule for this process. Timing your visit for when employees bring out a fresh batch of newly donated clothes will give you the first pick of the litter. Otherwise, take your time and show some patience. It is difficult to rebuild your wardrobe based off of one thrift store trip, but, over time, you will be able to accumulate several pieces of conservative clothing.

Do Not Be Afraid of Hand-Me-Downs

If you have a fashionable cousin or sibling, do not hesitate to raid their closets or ask for hand-me-downs. Hand-me-downs are great because they are free. They are a great way to grab a few sweaters, jackets, or cute tops without having to dip into your wallet. Furthermore, your sister or cousin might share the same modest clothing styles you prefer, making it easy to insert hand-me-down items into your pre-existing wardrobe.

Reuse and Recycle Your Clothes

If you are bored with your clothes, find new, exciting ways match them. Try mixing a color combination together that you have never tried before. Try matching two patterns together, and, instead of wearing jeans and some sneakers, wear khakis and some boots.

Learning to mix, match, and repurpose your current wardrobe is a fantastic way to earn some extra mileage out of your clothes without having to spend any money. But do not stop with the clothes – continue to transform your look with a pair of neglected earrings or an infrequently-used necklace from your jewelry box to completely change your appearance.

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Karleia is a freelance blogger. She enjoys taking her daughter shopping for modest women’s sweaters and other fashion accessories.

The wintertime is a great opportunity to pull out some of your favorite warm clothing. Not only do you have more options in the winter with layers and accessories, but you also can add plenty of other items to keep your wardrobe hot during the cold months. Here are five essential items for your winter wardrobe.


Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter Wardrobe Essentials items for women

The world would be a better place if everyone could wear scarfs all year around. Unfortunately, no one wears a scarf when it’s 90-degrees out. Therefore, be sure to maximize your scarf time in the winter by having matching scarfs for each of your outfits. A scarf can add a ton of flavor to your outfit and compliment your entire wardrobe.


Winter is the best time of year for boots. As things start to get cold, rain boots are a great way to go keep your feet dry and cool. And during the months that it snows, throw on a heavy pair of snow boots that will keep your feet dry and give you traction when walking. The current trend is big boots with skinny jeans, so be sure you add this element into your wardrobe.

Pea Coat Jacket

The winter is also a great time to pull out your pea coat. Pea coats can make a typically normal looking outfit look stylish and stunning. And most importantly, as the temperatures start to drop, a pea coat will keep you warm when you need it most.


If you want to keep your body warm with scarves and jackets, be sure that you also have gloves to keep your hands warm as well. A favorite by many stylish people are the type of gloves that look more like a mitten, but pull back to reveal your fingers. This will allow you to do simple tasks like texting on your phone or drinking hot coco, but also keep your hands warm when you are walking around in the winter weather.


Winter Wardrobe Iteams

Winter Wardrobe essential Items for women

An umbrella is another accessory that can really make any wardrobe more exciting. Whether you live in a place that gets a lot of snow or tons of rain, an umbrella will keep your hair dry and your outfit stylish. But keep in mind that your umbrella should be just as trendy as the outfit itself.

You can look great during the winter months with Reem clothing. They offer plenty of different options for looking great and staying warm. Be sure to spruce up your winter wardrobe before the snow starts falling and temperatures start dropping.

About the Author:

Madyson Grant is a small business owner and a professional writer. Her passion for helping others fuels her writing and her search for more helpful information. She is currently informing others about the wardrobe essentials from reem clothing.

Clothes serve a greater purpose than just being something to cover up your body. The clothes you wear say a lot about your personality and style sense. Buying clothes that are well-made, stylish and fashionable should be every woman’s priority. Luckily, there are several clothing lines that feature items that are sophisticated yet fun. Here are five examples of clothing lines that boast killer designs:

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret DressesVictoria’s Secret is well-known for the bras and lingerie they sell, but this brand also has a line of jeans, sweatshirts, exercise wear and evening dresses. The dresses in this line are sophisticated, elegant, sexy and bold. Most dresses in this line are form-fitting to show off curves, yet they are not overly sexy. The Victoria’s Secret dress line is priced in the mid-range and is still attainable for most women.

Forever 21

Finding a dress that is both affordable and well-made seems to be impossible nowadays. However, Forever 21 specializes in providing casual and evening-wear for an affordable price. The clothes in Forever 21 are extremely stylish and high quality, yet they are cheap. There is a lot of diversity in this brand’s dress line. You can find casual wear, evening-wear, tight-fitting dresses, loose-fitting dresses and so on. In addition to dresses, Forever 21 carries pants, shorts, exercise wear, accessories, menswear and shoes. You can also find a Holt Miami dress here. Overall, Forever 21 is a great place to shop for a trendy outfit.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor DressesAnn Taylor is an extremely popular brand among business professionals and country-club types because the clothes are sophisticated and elegant. Ann Taylor offers a line of dresses that are perfect for an office setting because they are conservative yet still have visually interesting details. There are also a few dresses that are perfect for elegant meals and parties. The clothes in the line are also extremely versatile and can be taken from the office to the country club. Ann Taylor also has a line of casual wear that’s perfect for lazy days, yet they still look polished enough for work. Ann Taylor offers clothing that is priced in the mid-range, but they usually have sales and clearance dates.

J. Crew

J. CrewKnown for its casual wear, J. Crew specializes in providing clothes that are stylish, practical and comfortable. J. Crew offers clothes for men, kids and women; the clothes are usually crafted out of natural materials like cashmere, cotton and linens for comfort. This brand also offers a line of formal-wear for weddings that incorporates fun elements into the designs.


Similar to Forever 21, H&M offers a wide array of clothing for a very low price. The best thing about the clothes from this company is the fact that they are on-trend, bold and exceptionally stylish; this brand also carries Holt Miami dresses. The dress line at H&M incorporates style, lasting materials and sophistication.

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Emma Foster is a shopaholic freelance writer currently trying to make a name for herself in the copywriting world. She still dreams of owning a pony and is entirely too obsessed with designer dresses.

When deciding on items for a man’s wardrobe, there are several essential items every man should own. These items can be worn to work, around the house, and out on the town. The right clothing and accessories are versatile enough to be worn year-round, but also offer a high level of comfort and style. Be on the lookout for the staple wardrobe items.

Shirts and Jackets

Closet Essentials for menOne of the most important pieces of men’s clothing is the oxford shirt. Long-sleeved, button down oxford shirts are versatile and can be worn to the office, to happy hour, or to the big game. Oxfords can be worn with a tie, under sweatshirts or hoodies, or paired with jeans and cowboy boots. A cotton blazer or jacket looks great with jeans and chinos, and can help finish a look without the use of a formal suit. Comfortable and stylish, a cotton jacket can make every man look and feel well-dressed, polished, and masculine.

Suits & Ties

Wardrobe Essentials for menEvery man’s closet should include a high quality suit. The classic black suit never goes out of style, and can be worn year-round for interviews and business meetings. Charcoal grey or navy suits are far more versatile than black suits are, and can be worn to work, to interviews, and to social occasions such as weddings and funerals. Grey and navy suits can be dressed down for more business-casual purposes, or accessorized with vests and ties for a more formal look. A selection of ties is essential in giving style and tone to a suit. Every man should own at least one tie in a muted tone for formal situations, and at least one tie in a bold color to express personality, and add style in less formal events.

Pants and Jeans

A pair of blue jeans is perhaps the most versatile item in any closet. Jeans can be worn for play, outdoor work, and around the home. Paired with a button-down shirt and a tie, blue jeans can also be worn to the office for casual Fridays. Once the workday ends, jeans can be paired with a polo and sports jacket for a night out. Chinos and khakis are essential for situations where a shirt and tie are required, but a full suit is not appropriate. These pants go with almost anything, and can be worn any time of the year.


Every closet should include a few essential accessories to complete the look. Undershirts and underwear can, and should be worn with any outfit. Black or brown leather shoes can be worn with suits, chinos, and khakis in the office, while sneakers are essential for sports, exercise, and working in the yard. Finally, every man should own a black and a brown belt to pair with the leather shoes.

A man with these few essential items in his closet is sure to be prepared year round for any occasion. From formal to business to casual, these items offer both comfort and style while also providing versatility.

Author Bio:

Brooke Chaplan is a writer and freelancer from Los Lunas New Mexico. She loves writing and blogging about her adventures there in home, family, fitness and fashion. In her research, reem men’s underwear became a fun site to draw ideas from. Contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.

East Coast and West Coast people are nothing alike. After all, that’s what you would expect from populations that live on opposite ends of the map. A big topic that East Coast and West Coast people can’t seem to agree on is fashion. Here are some glaring differences between the two.

Style: Trendy Professional vs. Hip and Carefree

East vs West Coast TrendsEast Coast fashion is heavily influenced by the business-oriented attitudes and lifestyles of the people in the area. Their manner of dress reflects the fact that East Coasters love to work and make money. On the other hand, West Coast people tend to prefer a more laid-back lifestyle. Many spend their free time on the beaches soaking up rays, sipping on cocktails, and hanging with friends. West Coast fashion is a reflection of the beach lifestyle, cultural diversity, and the free-spirited personalities of its inhabitants.

Tops: Blouses and Blazers vs. Graphic Tanks and Tees

You’ll likely spot East Coast guys and gals wearing clothes that are very functional in unique ways. That usually means pairing business casual pieces with more informal articles. For example, an East Coast guy might be spotted wearing a striped button-down with blazer and bow tie along with fitted jeans and neutral-colored loafers. Contrastingly, West Coast people love comfortable, loose-fitting tops like tanks and tees. Since individuality is big with West Coasters, you’ll likely see a lot of intricate graphics or patterns on their shirts.

Bottoms: Pencil Skirts and Pinstripes vs. Miniskirts and Jeans

Again, the business look is apparent in the bottoms that East Coasters tend to wear. Women are commonly seen in pencil skirts, fitted jeans, or even pinstriped pants. For men, khakis, fitted jeans, and suit pants are very popular. Everything is typically of dark or neutral tones. West Coast guys and gals love shorts and jeans that make a statement. The ladies also like wearing miniskirts, longer beach skirts, and flowy sweatpants.

Shoes: Dress Shoes and Heels vs. Sandals and Sneakers

To East Coasters, classy is sexy. Men typically prefer to slip into some shiny loafers, while women cannot live without their pointed-toe pumps. West Coasters can find sophisticated footwear too uncomfortable for everyday use, so they’d rather get around in flip-flops or gym shoes.

Hats: Fedoras vs. Caps

Both men and women on the East Coast can appreciate a nice fedora, but West Coast people prefer the swag of a fresh lid with the sticker still attached.

Hair: Contemporary Conservative vs. Freedom of Expression

An elegant haircut with a modern twist will get East Coasters far in both their professional and personal lives, according to one barber from The Art of Shaving in Salem. West Coasters would rather stand out by rocking a one-of-a-kind hairdo that turns every head in the room.

East Coast fashion and West Coast fashion can be on opposite ends of the spectrum. One side embraces class and professionalism, while the other is all about individuality. Even though both are so different, one thing is clear: you won’t go wrong rocking either style correctly.

Author Bio:

Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer located in Denver, CO. She enjoys writing about fashion, home and family, and much more. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her kids and reading a good book. Information credit to The Art of Shaving in Salem.

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